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ISO Certified Certified by ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 9001:2015
Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering



Open Electives Offered by ECE

S.No Course Code Course Name
Open Elective – I
1 20EC5422 Bio-Medical Instrumentation
2 20EC5452 Data Communications
Open Elective – II
1 20EC6449 Linear and Digital ICs
2 20EC6453 Signal Processing
Open Elective – III
1 20EC7434 Optical Networks
2 20EC7438 Fundamentals of Cellular and Mobile Communications
Open Elective – IV
1 20EC7413 Basics of VLSI Design
2 20EC7454 Introduction to MEMS

Open Elective Courses

Open Elective –I

S.No Course Code Course Name
1 20EE5432 Estimating and Costing of Electrical Systems
2 20EE5450 PLC/SCADA
3 20CS5401 Software Engineering
4 20CS5416 Distributed Computing
5 20ME5427 Non-Destructive Evaluation
6 20ME5431 Green Engineering Systems
7 20CE5428 Air Pollution Control
8 20CE5415 Fundamentals of Building Planning
9 20MA5410 Optimization Techniques

Open Elective –II

S.No Course Code Course Name
1 20EE6414 Solar Energy and Battery Management Systems
2 20EE6415 Hybrid Energy Systems
3 20CS6422 Mobile Computing
4 20CS6426 Web Technologies
5 20ME6418 Operations Research
6 20ME6430 Industrial Robotics & Applications
7 20CE6421 Building Materials and Concrete Technology
8 20CE6423 Construction Technology and Management
9 20HS6408 National Cadet Corps

Open Elective –III

S.No Course Code Course Name
1 20EE7420 Utilization of Electrical Energy
2 20EE7406 Control Systems
3 20CS7432 Internet of Things
4 20CS7444 Data Science
5 20ME7421 Nano Materials & Technology
6 20ME7422 Production Planning and Control
7 20CE7421 Industrial Waste Management
8 20CE7425 Traffic Engineering and Management
9 20HS7407 Intellectual Property Rights and Patents

Open Elective –IV

S.No Course Code Course Name
1 20EE7427 Special Electrical Machines
2 20EE7412 Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation
3 20CS7435 Principles of Cloud Computing
4 20CS7443 Big Data Analysis
5 20ME7424 Total Quality Management
6 20ME7425 Electric & Hybrid Vehicles
7 20CE7420 Interior Design
8 20CE7433 Disaster Management
9 20MA7408 Statistics with R Programming


Track-1 (Basic)

S.No Course Code Course Name
1 20EC4701 Basic Electronic Devices and Circuits
2 20EC5702 Switching Theory & Logic Design
3 20EC6706 Introduction to Signals and Systems
4 20EC7745 Principles of Communication

Specialized Tracks

Track-2 (VLSI& Embedded Systems)

S.No Course Code Course Name
1 20EC4746 Advanced Micro Controllers
2 20EC5721 Introduction to Embedded Systems
3 20EC6713 Introduction to VLSI Design
4 20EC7747 Industrial IOT

Track-3(Communication Engineering)

S.No Course Code Course Name
1 20EC4709 Fundamentals of Analog and Digital Communications
2 20EC5738 Introduction to Cellular and Mobile Communications
3 20EC6744 Satellite Communications: Principles & Applications
4 20EC7720 Optical Fiber Communication Systems

Track-4 (Digital Systems)

S.No Course Code Course Name
1 20EC4748 Digital Logic Families
2 20EC5749 Linear and Digital IC Applications
3 20EC6732 Basics of PLDs and Memories
4 20EC7726 Computer Systems Architecture and Organization

Track-5 (Signal Processing)

S.No Course Code Course Name
1 20EC4712 Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing
2 20EC5740 Intoduction to Digital Image Processing
3 20EC6751 Bio Medical Signal Processing
4 20EC7724 Digital Speech and Audio Signal Processing