Accredited by NAAC With ‘A+’ Grade Accredited by NAAC With ‘A+’ Grade
Reaccredited by NBA Reaccredited by NBA to CIVIL, MECH, ECE & CSE
Reaccredited by NBA Permanently Affiliated by JNTU-GV vizianagaram
ISO Certified Certified by ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 9001:2015
Dept. of Civil Engineering

Sophisticated & Modernized Laboratories

Even though we have the better infrastructure, we constantly improvise it to be at the best and meet & maintain the ever growing industry standards

Concrete Technology Lab

To Determine the physical properties of bulding construction materials like Cement,fine and coarse aggregates. With this students can design the mix, make the specimens and test the same for their respective strengths .

Digital Surveying Lab

The Surveying Lab consists of state-of-the-art equipment for performing various engineering measurements. Our lab is equipped with latest surveying instruments.

Engineering Geology Lab

Geology lab provides hands-on study of the fundamentals of physical geology, identification and interpretation of rocks and minerals

Environmental Engineering Lab

In this lab a Student flourishes as An environmental engineer who works to make water more safer to drink, waste disposel, properly treates, improves air quality , manages solid waste and cleans up contaminated air, water and land

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

In Geotechnical engineering lab Student learns properties of soil and it’s suitability as a construction material in foundation engineering field and stability of slopes.

Transportation Engineering Lab

Transportation engineering lab is equipped with instruments to conduct all the tests which assess the quality of highway materials, evaluation of pavement and traffic engineering studies. This lab is used for Collabarative Research in Traffic engineering and transport planning.